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2750 E Silver Springs Blvd., Ste 300 - OCALA, FL - 34470


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Infiniti Fine Consignment markets quality furniture, upholstery, art work lamps, home accessories and unique items in very good "like new" condition. Items that have been in a pet or smoking environment are NOT ACCEPTABLE! Infiniti FIne Consignment reserves the right to accept and sell only those items which we determine to be in current style and/or excellent condition.

The consignment period is for 60 days. At the end f the 60 day period , items will be placed in clearance; reduced by 20% off the original price for a period of 30 days. at the end of this period the consignor may reclaim any unsold item(s) within 7 days. The consignor is responsible for making arrangements for collection of those items. Any items not picked up by this date will become the property of Infiniti FIne Consignment or donated to Brothers Keeper. (Initial__________)

Infiniti FIne Consignment will price your items based on our knowledge of the market place and our store/area. It is understood an agreed to by the consignor the retail selling price of the consignor's merchandise will be established by Infiniti FIne Consignment and is normally 50% less of it's original retail purchase price.

  • Consignor receives 50% or the actual selling price (less sales tax, delivery charges, etc)
  • Infiniti Fine Consignment receives 50% of the actual selling price.
  • Consignor receives 60% of the actual selling price (less sales tax)
  • Infiniti Fine Consignment receives 40% of the actual selling price.
  • Consignor is responsible for contacting the store for account balance and payment arrangements.
  • Checks will be issued on the 15th day of the month for prior sales of $100 or more.
  • Checks not cashed within 60 days will automatically be cancelled with loss to the consignor. (Initial__________)

Infiniti FIne Consignment provides pick up service at a $15 charge within a 10 mile radius of the store. Additional charges apply outside of the 10 mile store radius.


Infiniti Fine Consignment provides reasonable care and precautions for all consigned merchandise. The consignor acknowledges and affirms that all merchandise placed on consignment is at the risk of the consignor an Infiniti Fine Consignment will not be held responsible for loss as a result of burglary, theft, vandalism, fir or damage from any cause beyond our control.

Items may not be picked-up prior to the end of the consignment 60 day contract period without incurring a penalty before a scheduled pick-up and/or for breach of contract.

This consignment contract constitutes an agreement in it's entirety between the two parties stated below.

The consignor acknowledges that all items consigned to Infiniti Fine Consignment are free of all liens, loans legal proceedings or any other encumbrances or any other encumbrances and are owned by the consignor to sell.